Whether you are a man or a woman, a student or a retiree, a newcomer or a Lancaster County native, we welcome you and thank you for your interest in making our community a better place.

You belong to one of the nation's most widely recognized, respected, and effective citizen organizations. You will learn even more about important issues, take actions that will help bring about better government, and contribute to your community, state, and nation, as well as make lifelong friends.

In the League, we are not all brainiacs or organizers. We don't all think alike or support the same political party. We aren't all public speakers. We are not all bundles of energy. And most of us have little time to spare. But together, when combined and united, we make up one of Pennsylvania's most respected and effective civic organizations.

We strive to give you the basic information you need to be an active, vital member. The League can help you be an interested, informed, and engaged citizen, while you add your voice and ideas and energies to help the League.

The is your League. The more time and talent you are willing to invest, the more you will gain from being a member. Be active. Get involved. Do what you can. There is no shortage of opportunities!


The League of Women Voters of the United States was organized in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt shortly before the Women's Suffrage Amendment was ratified. Its principal aim was to help newly enfranchised women become politically educated, responsible voting citizens. Today, there are Leagues in every state, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the Virgin Islands with about 130,000 members and supporters.

The Pennsylvania League was formed in 1941 and the Lancaster League in 1947; the 10th League to organize in PA. Now PA has 35 local Leagues in the most populous counties with thousand of members and supporters. One of the League's very first issues was and is the need to reduce and end gerrymandering. It was one of the first issues the League identified to work on back in 1939.

Over the years, the League has opened a door to intellectual activity and involvement in political life. The League has studied many issues and has been active in calling for changes and reforms. It has served as a training ground for many community leaders and is determined to continue to be a pertinent and meaningful citizen voice in local governance.

Voting is OUR thing!

III. LWV Definition

- The stated purposes of the League are to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government, to act on selected governmental issues and to influence public education and advocacy.

- The League neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate for office.

- However, individual members are urged to be as active as possible in the political process. The exception to this is the Board members.


Voting membership is open to anyone at least 16 years old living in the United States. A person joining a local League automatically becomes a member of the state and national levels of the organization, as well.

Your dues go toward the yearly per member payment (PMP) your local league makes to the national LWV in Washington, DC, and to the LWVPA in Harrisburg, PA. (Example: $60 dues = National PMP ($33) + PA PMP (22) = $55, leaving $5 in the local treasury for local need).

The League is a dual organization; there is an advocacy side and an education side. The education side is the charitable 401(C)3 side. We spend our money based on what it is for - is it to "advocate" for something or is it to "inform and educate?"


1. Voter Service

- Voter registration
- Voter's Guide
- Legislative Guide
- Holding public forums for important issues

2. Criminal Justice

- Following up on the Criminal Justice report by the League
- Voter registration at the prison

3. Immigration

- The LWVLC has two active members specializing in this area, but needs people to go to the Naturalization ceremonies in Lancaster to represent the League.

4. Library

- Participate in the Big Read with the Duke St. Library

5. Membership

- attracting and retaining members

6. Communication

- The website
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Voter Newsletter

7. Nominations

- Work begins in January to appoint 2 persons in December

8. Programs/Events

- President Lecture Series
- Hot Topic Luncheons
- Membership Meetings
- Public Lectures

9. Developement/Fundraising Committee

- Women Making Democracy Work Award

10. Redistricting

- Gerrymandering

League of Women Voters
of Lancaster County

PO Box 1261
Lancaster, PA 17608-1261

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